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Thanks to our deep knowledge of the IT sector we can completely understand the specific needs of our customers, and find the perfect matching candidates.


We find motivated people, technology lovers… geeks, freaks, nerds. Candidates that not only meet the technical requirements of a job, but also share the values and vision of a company.


Hiring IT wants to be the best recruiting company. Not the biggest, or richest. We want to offer you quality and confidence, and we do it with our good results.


We’re specialized in technologically strong companies, mainly focusing on startups. Companies that want the best professionals, and want them fast.

We work in a success based fee structure

If we don’t find your candidate, we don’t get paid.


Hiring IT was born from the needs of its founders to change the way recruiters work in the IT sector. We’re sure that things can be –and must be- done better, and we do it having a close and strong confidence-based relationship, both with our clients and with our candidates.


Hiring IT is present in many IT related initiatives, like meetups, PyConEs, Codemotion, NSSpain, etc. This allows us to create a really high quality network of contacts.


Our contacts are not looking only for a job… they are eager for big opportunities, projects that mean a challenge, where they are allowed to innovate and keep up to date in state of the art new technologies and methodologies.


In Hiring IT, apart from the 3 founders, we count with the support of a network of trusted, well-prepared, motivated recruiters that share our vision and values.

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About Us

Our work is our passion.

David Morillo

My first computer must have been an MSX when I was around 10 years old, and with which I learnt programming in Basic, copying programs of MicroHobby magazine.

With 14 I managed to put together a 10Base2 local network with coaxial wires, BNC connectors and terminations. Soon after I learnt about databases in dBaseIII (and loved them) and with 17 I programmed complex Excel Macros in VisualBasic.

I studied computer engineering, what else!? Since then, I’ve done a bit of everything related to computers, from programming and designing databases, to system administration, being a salesman and doing business development, as it’s called now.

I only lacked the recruiting part, and to fulfill my entrepreneur streak!. in a more personal note, my hobbies are travelling, classical music and overall, “eating well”.

I consider myself introvert -though many people say I’m not-, and biggest proof is that I’m not good at networking!. I also like Star Trek, Star Wars, everything that is Marvel related, and watching “almost” any TV-series (but preferably freak, and in its original version, of course!)

Irene de los Ríos

My name is Irene and I’ve dedicated to recruiting for more that 13 years, always looking for technology related profiles, and still today I continue learning and developing day by day in this sector, which is really hard for us “non-technical” people.

Though I didn’t study anything related with computers, along time I’ve been discovering the huge amount of technologies, languages, systems, and overall acronyms that this sector comprehends, and I believe I’ve got to know it quite well.

I love speaking with persons, and apart from their professional trajectory, what I really like is getting to know their concerns, their goals, and to help reaching them; that’s my greatest satisfaction. I also quite enjoy support our customers, that are really excited to have a team of motivated professionals, urging to get the projects off the ground.

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